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Cashing Dumps

A dump with pin is very,very difficult to find.There are only a very small number of D+P re-sellers and the price of this kind of dump is high!But is really has many advantage because once you got a valid dump with pin all you have to do is to write it on a magnetic card and you are ready to go to cash out the money.
People if you find a real seller which give you a valid dump with pin not dare to cheat him.It is very difficult to find another one.Be happy and honest and try to work correct the dump so you and your provider would be able to get all the advantage from the dump.If you got your dump with pin you just have to follow some simple steps to cash out.

1.Write the dump on a card suing the msr.Read how to write a dump on the card using msr.Because you will cash from ATM any card can be used,even un-printed cards.

2.Put the card in you wallet and go to an ATM.Be careful because the ATM's have recording cameras so try to use a hat ,helmet ,sun glasses.Never park you car in the area where the ATM is because some cameras can be arround and they will record you car registration plates.

3.Go to the ATM and act normal,don't make anything which will attract the attention of the people around you.And try to remember the pin code,not write it on the card or on small pieces of paper.Once you type the pin and you choose the amount you want to withdraw wait for the recipe and your cash..Then all you have to do is to take your cardand your money and go.Still you have to be careful how you walk and try to have a normal acting.
The last thing that I like to request you is to be honest.If you are a seller or a casher the main thing in this business is to be honest with your partner !
Be safe !


Maybe you listen about dumps and you think that this is a very easy way to get money.Well you should think twice before saying that.A dump is a bank data which can be re-write on any magnetic strip card and the new card can be use as the original debit/credit card.Easy right?Really you think is easy?
Let's take a look over the stuff you will need to get real cash from a dump.

1.First at all you need a valid dump.This is most important and most difficult to find.In the virtual space there are lot of fake sellers which pretend to have dumps,all say "fresh stuff" but you should know that many of them are just rippers which take your money and never return nothing.If you are ready to expand time you should be able to find a real seller as I did,a good provider.Do not ask me for information about sellers because I won't be able to give you.But if in this blog will ever appear a verified seller then mean that I'm buying from him,i check myself his stuff and it really works!

2.Once you got your dumps provider and your dumps you need a computer and a msr.What is a msr?It is a machine which read /write your dumps on a card.I made other post for show you how to activate your msr and the main steps to get your dumps written on your card,so read About msr and how to use it .A msr may cost between $300 and $1000 but I can tell you that a cheap one will work just fine.One of my machines is 6 years old and it still works!

3.You also will need cards.Never use your original cards for do this job!Never!!!!When you doing no2 business you must put your safety first.That's why you should hide your identity and not connect never this work with your real name.You can get blank card or pre-printed card from internet.But there is the possibility to use old cards too.This is not a professional way because the number printed on the card and the number from the sweep ticket won't match and if the decline card message,call costumer service or pickup card can then maybe the shopkeeper will check this detail.

4.An embosser machine (optional!) if necessary if you like o work as a proffesionalcarder.The embosser will make you able to write the card number from the dump on your card so that the sweep and the card number match.This is very important if you will go to shopping with a platinium card and try to buy expansive stuff.A manual embossing machine cost between $250 and $700.An automatic embosser is much more expansive but it save alot of time and gives a better quality.Personal i used the manual machine long time and i can't say that it was not good.It is not illegal to buy embosser machine because it is used in many small ar big companies for make costumer cards,free giftcards and so on.

5.A professional carder and not only him ,but everyone how want to work out a dump will need a fake id or passport.It is more easy to get a fake id but I advice you that you got an id made by a specialist and don't try to make yourself if you don't have enough knowledge and a really good kit.I will try to give you some link where you can contact a good id provider.

Now that you got the fake id, dumps and the necessary machines you can start write the dumps on the cards and try to get money!
Be safe !


  1. Hello everyone,
    i know some of you already cash out dump+pins ur selfs or have your own cashiers, But sometimes Skimmers dont cashout in same country cause it may bring Feds right at door steps, and Cashiers on over seas countries get blocked even with Dump+pin.

    its highly possible to get blocked from cashing same bin for week period, So what am asking is, Try my services and my services alone, i don't do sharing or Charity.

    i haven't seen Rules in forum forbid me from opening thread about what i need, and thats a supplier. My

    also i've been cashier for D+P for about 7 years and befor that i was doing Full infos cashout using Generated algos which isn't working anymore. befor that Spamming and confirming and since that day am good and legit with all who i trade or dealt with.

    P.S: Cashout is in middle east, ASIA Most of bins are open with no problem.
    Hope to find some friendly people around here, and Please dont spam this thread.
    ICQ : 607478646

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  3. Hi, if anyone interested in purchasing dumps, hacking software, wu transfer, paypal etc..contact me at john.adams141414@gmail.com. Thanks

  4. Hi, if anyone interested in purchasing dumps, hacking software, wu transfer, paypal etc..contact me at john.adams141414@gmail.com. Thanks


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